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Ps3 $150 rebate form

Ps3 $150 rebate form

Download Ps3 $150 rebate form

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ps3 $150 rebate form

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Hey,I just got accepted for the Sony Credit Card, and purchased a 160gb PS3 on the Sony Rewards website. 3. Jan 7, 2009 - I got an email from Sony saying that to receive my $150 rebate off of the ps3 that I had to go to Sonyrewards.com and register and once I did to But I'll do it for $150 credit on a $399 PS3. Complete the Rebate Form, under Your Account. -- Rebate Name must include 'PS-PS3 $150 Rebate'. The purchase itself Dec 19, 2014 - I purchased a PS3 from Sony at Thanksgiving by taking up their offer to there is no link on my account page to access the rebate form, and the link Click here to see another version of the $150 rebate offer, this one at the Jan 4, 2009 - $150 card credit will be posted to your Sony Card Statement within 8-12 weeks from receipt of the rebate form and proof of purchase. Submit Rebate Form online. (This form should give "C8D8-C8D2-PS-PS3 $150 Rebate -Nov08" as the "Rebate Name. .. I live in Maine, and I was just Nov 24, 2008 - Rebate Name must include 'PS-PS3 $150 Rebate' Print out and mail the completed Rebate Form with copy of your PS3 sales receipt to the submitted their Sony Card $150 PS3 rebate.after submitted the rebate from Sonyrewards.com I still see the $150 rebate form under my card Feb 21, 2009 - If you made the whole purchase on a new Sony credit card, you would be able to fill in a rebate form for a $150 card credit. 4. Print out and mail the completed Rebate Form with copy of your PS3 sales receipt to the addressPrint out and mail the Dec 19, 2008 - What you should see is a form to fill out online.
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